Philip Hyde

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Philip Hyde’s photographs helped expanded or established many national parks and wilderness areas of the Western U.S. He first photographed for the Sierra Club in 1950 as official photographer on the summer Sierra Club High Trip with David Brower. Many people refer to Philip Hyde as the underappreciated master landscape photographer of the 20th century. His photographs participated in more environmental campaigns than those of any other photographer. At the birth of the modern environmental movement, he was one of the primary illustrators of the groundbreaking Sierra Club Exhibit Format Series. He dedicated his life to defending western American wilderness, working with the Wilderness Society, National Audubon, and others. His color photographs changed landscape photography as they helped to establish color photography as a fine art. His photographs helped protect Dinosaur National Monument, the Grand Canyon, the Coast Redwoods, Point Reyes, King’s Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, the North Cascades, Canyonlands, the Wind Rivers, Big Sur and many other National Parks and wilderness areas.