Mitch Dobrowner – Storms

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To make a long story short, I left home at 21, quitting my job, leaving my friends and family to see the American Southwest for myself. In California I eventually met my wife, and together we had 3 children, and created our own design studio – and the tasks of running a business and raising a family took a priority to Photography. During that time I stopped taking pictures.

Years later, in early 2005, inspired by my wife, children and friends – I again picked up my cameras. Today I see myself on a passionate mission to make up for years of lost time – creating images that help evoke how I see our wonderful planet.

Не знаю, как это и назвать. Фотографией – язык не поднимается. Так наверное бог видит наш мир. Удивительно, что Mitch Dobrowner принадлежит к тому же виду, что и мелкие людишки, в голове у которых только трусики Хилтон