Karel Vojkovsky

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Очень сильная серия – парочку таких снимков может сделать любой, но столько!

Вот что пишет оВойковском Ангеликатас, тоже любитель ню, который снимает своих женщин с целью экономии средств

What I believe about fine art nude: -Nude is beautiful. -Nude has much more to do with freedom and expression than with sex. -Nude has much more to do with sense than with sex. -Beauty has no rules, no size, no color, no age, no sex. -If you feel free to express yoursef, then you are beautiful -There is no reason to be shocked for a naked body. We all have one. We all look at our naked body at least once a day when we take a shower. -Pornography does not exist, just bad taste.