Antonin Kratochvil – Чернобыль

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Антонин Краточвил (Antonin Kratochvil) американский фотожурналист. Родился в 1947 году в Чехии. Снимал в Монголии, Бирме, Ираке, Афганистане, Зимбабве, Чернобыле и т.д.


Antonin Kratochvil is one of the founding members of VII Photo agency.

As photojournalists go, Kratochvil has sunk his teeth into his fair share of upheaval and human catastrophes whilst going about his documentation of the time in which he lives. As people go, Kratochvil’s own refugee life has been much in the way the same as what he has rendered on film. Kratochvil’s unique style of photography is the product of personal experience, intimate conditioning and not privileged voyeurism.

Over the years his fluid and unconventional work has been sought by numerous publications stretching across widely differing interests. From shooting Mongolia’s street children for the magazine published by the Museum of Natural History to a portrait session with David Bowie for Detour, from covering the war in Iraq for Fortune Magazine to shooting Deborah Harry for a national advertising campaign for the American Civil Liberties Union, Kratochvil’s ability to see through and into his subjects and show immutable truth has made his pictures not facsimiles but uncensored visions.