Fernando Penim Redondo

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When I was thirteen I missed my targets at school. For that reason I spent the summer helping in a photography shop in the center of Lisbon. The pay was very low but, in turn, I discovered that photos could be a lot of fun. Later on, during the war in Africa, I bought the camera I have been using all my life, for 33 years, a Pentax Spotmatic. I started developping my own pictures at home too. November 2002 I bought my digital camera HP 850. I like all types of pictures but I must confess that I prefer “situations”, unprepared shots socially revealing. I dont use filters, tripod or flash. I took pictures in many parts of the world. Recovering, keeping and showing those works is a way of sharing the joy of beeing alive. Fernando Penim Redondo. My PhotoPortfolio: http://www.dotecome.com/DOTeCAFe/portfolio/portfolio.htm