Eric Fredine

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Eric Fredine born in 1964 .

2005 Prairie Waters, Lando Gallery, Edmonton, Canada.

2005 Focused 2005, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, Washington.

2005 SkyScapes: Interpretations of the Alberta Sky, Edmonton Art Gallery and Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibit, Alberta, Canada.

Making his own style from some the basics of art theory is really impressive. Eric Fredine is a landscape photography, who in his work uses a format which really works well for his photography. Some may say that all of his pictures are kinda all the same. But for a trained eye, a person who takes more time to look at Eric Fredine’s work and has some knowledge of the basics of art theory, you can see a lot of little elements used that will make you busy for a while.

The first noticed thing is, that he isn’t using a usual photographic format as in landscape, portrait, golden cut or any other. He’s using the polaroid like one which is 1:1. Today photographers usually use the basic landscape one, or the even bigger panorama format so that that can get as much as possible into a photo with a wide lens. Eric Fredine is different and his main focus is in my opinion on photographing the figure and composition of a landscape. His goal is to take a picture, that is in harmony with the rules of art theory so it becomes pleasant to the eye.