Eddy Briere

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Eddy Briere.

Born in Paris in 1979, I originally am an optics devices designer. I began photography at 22 years old, by, like many other amateur photographers, buying my first 35mm camera. I quickly wanted to go further and installed my own dark room in my bathroom five months later, in december 2001. My beginning consisted to shoot dance shows, concerts and scenes in Paris streets. It’s the meeting with Eddy Brière and Williams B in 2003 that pushed me to explore the human photography. We grown together, helping and motivating one each other for two years. Now, I live in Montréal (Canada) since 2005.

Describing my photographs is a little complicated. Most people consider me as a fashion photographer. I revendicate portraiture influences. I am most inspired by Peter Lindbergh, Raymond Depardon, Stéphane Sednaoui, William Klein, Richard Avedon, Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson, Boubat, Ronis and the list is really long in fact. The most important for me is not to shoot models or subjects, but living persons.

I wanted to create this website to expose my photographic work of, what I consider to be, my most prolific period. 2010 has been a really funky period for me and I did not have time to use my cameras. First, I am back to university since january to become engineer in mechanics. Then, I am the happy father of a wonderful son since april.

I hope visitors will enjoy my pictures and that they could encourage beginner photographers to go further and deeper in this discipline.