Henrik Saxgren

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Henrik Saxgren was born in Randers, Denmark in 1953.

Although professionally trained as an advertising photographer, he switched to photojournalism, focusing on international issues from Haiti to Palestine, Cuba to Rwanda. In 1979 he co-founded the collective photo agency 2Maj, based in Copenhagen.

With 2Maj as his base he worked as an independent photojournalist up to 1995, when the agency was dissolved.
From 1995 to 2000 he constantly went to Nicaragua, only back in Denmark to earn money to finance his work on the book, Solomons House, which was published in 2000.

After the accomplishment of this very classic b&w documentary book he found it was time for a change.
In 2000/2001 he settled for some months in Euqador and did a series of large format color landscapes.
And after 9/11 he went to Gaza with the same large format camera and did the exhibition: Landscapes of War.
In 2006 he finished four years work on the project, “War & Love – immigration into the Nordic countries”, where he did one portrait (and text) of 80 immigrants/families of different nationalities, who has settled in one of the Nordic countries.
That project was published in Denmark and Sweden.
September 20. 2010 the exhibition ‘Unintended Sculptures’ was exhibited at The National Museum of Photography (Den Sorte Diamant) and at Galerie Asbæk. A book with the same title was published by German publisher, Hatje Cantz same date.

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