Ryan Zoghlin – Aerotones

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More than a decade ago, Ryan Zoghlin began taking photographs at an annual air show in Chicago. Initially, he was drawn to the show as a “happening,” an event that drew big crowds of people. But the more he photographed, the more he became interested the airplanes themselves, and in the graphic elements that resulted from their maneuvers. “It’s really like writing, like mark-making,” he says. Indeed, the curlicues, loops, and lines that the airplanes trace into the sky recall wispy smoke signals, or chalk drawings on a dark ground–an impermanent communication that must be deciphered before it fades. “I’ve always been interested in the beauty of things that people make–the marks of the hands of man, and of time, too,” says the Illinois native. And though a man-made machine may be the inspiration for these images, their ultimate subject seems so organic and graceful that you hardly realize there’s an airplane there at all.