Henry Leutwyler – Nudes

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Henry Leutwyler, Switzerland, 1961, works and lives in New York. He is most known for his portraiture, but in the last seven years he has started to photograph objects as “artifacts”. Prior to the death of Michael Jackson, Henry photographed a large number of the collectibles from the collection of the King of Pop. In 2009 his book Neverland Lost came out. Leutwyler has had many prominent people in front of his camera, from Michelle Obama to Jean-Paul Gaultier. The following images come from Neverland Lost and his portfolio’s Portraits and Dance/Nudes.

Свое тонкое и оригинальное видение обнаженного тела представляет очередной гений. Что он гений – видно уже по кротким глазам этого хрупкого цветка жизни. Они (глаза) в самом конце