Aaron Hawks

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Double personality, twisted artist, transformist, Aaron lives here and there. He comes to us from San Francisco where he has lived for most of his life. For several months he has traveled searching for his holy grail. It is in the German city of art, Berlin, where he currently resides.

Aaron will soon be a well-known artiste. Already with several books published, he has received critical acclaim in Europe and in the USA for both the quality and style of his work. In his world, the staging of his shots takes a particular importance. Aaron constructs scenery which allows his models to come to life.

Esthetics, refined erotism, fetishism, almost all aspects are present in his photography with a sharp point of focus on good taste. The critics say that Aaron is just a reserved American who doesn’t want to shock. We don’t agree. Aaron is a man of good taste.

On a meeting with Aaron Hawks, you could be quite preturbed. He changes from one person into someone halfway between comic and serious.

Herr Hawks was born from a comic strip, coming out of our subconciousness, his old time style of dress is like a character from the 1930’s, everyone of us can see a personality in his unique style. Herr Hawks, the photographer, directs and controls each scene. It’s true that Herr Hawks is a director, he has already shot 2 short films which are quite surprising in their quality and are entirely filmed in 16mm