Philip Jones Griffiths

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British photographer, born and educated in Wales, who studied pharmacy but turned to freelance photography in 1961. In his first overseas assignment (1962) he covered the war in Algeria for Observer Magazine. In Vietnam from 1968–70 for Magnum (of which he became a full member in 1971) he covered the ‘Zippo Brigade’ and the Tet offensive near Saigon. The focus of his approach in Vietnam was not the American military but the experience of ordinary Vietnamese. The resulting book, Vietnam Inc. (1971), shocked the American public and encouraged the anti‐war movement. His work as an independent photojournalist has appeared in the Sunday Times MagazineLookLifeMcCall‘s, and the New York Times. He also covered conflict in Israel and Northern Ireland. He became interested in documentary films in 1974 and worked as a cameraman for Granada Television. As a noted war photographer, he lectured at the Royal College of Art in London.

Agente Arancio/Oscura Odissea/Vietnam Inc