Patrick Zachmann

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Patrick Zachmann born 1955, Choisy-le-Roi, France. Lives and works in Paris.

A freelance photographer since 1976 and member of Magnum Photos since 1990, Patrick Zachmann has dedicated himself to long-term reportages that bring to light the complexity of the identity and culture of the communities he investigates.

In 1982 his reportage on the Naples mafia led to the publication of the book Madonna! From 1982 to 1984, concurrently with a project on highway landscapes supported by the French Ministry of Culture, he did a series on immigrant teenagers in the north neighborhoods of Marseille, which was shown in an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou.

After working seven years on a personal project about Jewish identity, Patrick Zachmann published in 1987 his second book Enquête d’identité. In 1989 his story on Tiananmen Square in Beijing was widely published in the international press. Together with other photographers, he created

Droit de Regard, an association for the protection and promotion of authorship in press photography, which he presided until 1992.Over a period of six years, he pursued an in-depth work on the Chinese diaspora in different parts of the world. This gave rise to the publication of W. ou l’œil d’un long nez in 1995, which was hailed by critics, as well as an exhibition that traveled to ten countries in Asia and within Europe. At La Villette, in 1997, Zachmann did an exhibition on Malian emigration, with photographs taken both in France, in Paris and Evry, and in Mali, in Kayes. This project is accompanied by a film about a Malian emigrant’s return to his village.

Between 1996 and 1998, Patrick Zachmann directed the short film La Mémoire de mon père, then his first feature-length film Allers-retour: Journal d’un photographe, both of which have won awards and been featured in numerous film festivals. Allers-retour is about the disappearance of traces of memory, specifically in Chile. He continued to work on Chile post-Pinochet and these photographs have been exhibited and published in the book Chili, Les routes de la mémoire in 2002.

In 2004 the Parc de la Villette commissioned Patrick Zachmann to do a study on the Muslim community in Paris and the Ile-de-France region.

Currently, Patrick Zachmann is doing a project on the world of nighttime in various big cities throughout the world. For this series, Patrick Zachmann has consciously chosen to temporarily distance himself from reportage. Drawn to the artificial lights and colors specific to the night, this body of work is built on impressionist images.

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