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When I was young I took trips to Scotland with my parents to see my grandfather who was a fine artist. I learnt from a very early age how to paint, mostly by watching my grandfather at work in his studio who not only showed me how to use color but also taught me how to see composition. On the journey home as we approached my hometown I was always fasinated by the errie glow of the street lights that to me looked like some kind of celestial city. I knew I could not capture the light using paint so with pocket money savings I bought my first camera. I had no knowledge of photography at this time but somehow managed to capture what I wanted in full colour onto 35mm film. That was 23 years ago and little has changed regarding my technique although I do use a different camera.

Born 1972
Carlisle, Cumbria.
BA Hons photography
Lancaster University, UK
Opened commercial darkroom in North London
This enabled me to fund my photography projects on a longterm basis and also produce all my own work