Gao Brothers

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Gao Zhen 1956 Born in Ji’nan, China
Gao Qiang 1962 Born in Ji’nan, China
The Gao Brothers are a pair of artist brothers based in Beijing and authors of several published works, including“How Far Can You Walk in One Day in Beijing”, “The Current State Of Chinese Avant-Garde Art” and “The Report Of Art Environment”, They have been collaborating on installation, performance, sculpture, photography works and writing since the mid1980s. Some of their works were published in “A History Of China Modern Art”, ” China Avant-garde Photography”, “The Best Photography Of China”, etc, and is held in private and museums collections, such like He Xiangning Art Museum, Centre Georges Pompidou, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, etc, in China and across the world.
The Gao brothers’ most extensive work is both explicit and critical, seeking to recast Chairman Mao — a figure in China who is simultaneously capable of arousing deep emotions of pain and despair, as well as admiration, love, and pride — as a flawed figure.

Пока предыдущая парочка почивает на лаврах, китайские братья Гао расширяют зону свободы фотографов. Естественно, у дизайнических фотографов это будет вызывать слякоть и ярость. Они так хорошо устроились! Ну зачем, ну зачем…