Maya Goded

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Maya Goded Colichio was born in Mexico in 1970.

She began to photograph when she was 15 years old and in 1993 she edited her first book “Tierra Negra” about the Black community in Oaxaca, Mexico.

She is the recipient this year of the prestigious W.Eugene Smith Fund Award for her work with prostitutes in La Merced, a downtown neighborhood of Mexico City and her hometown. Her essay “The Neighborhood of Solitude: Prostitutes of Mexico City” earned her the award presented at a ceremony at the International Center of Photography in New York.

Goded, who worked on the project for five years, said she photographed prostitution in order to “speak about women: about inequality, transgression, about the body and sex, about maternity, childhood and old age, about beliefs, love and unloving.

Maya entered Magnum as a nominee in 2000.