Stefan Soell

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B i o g r a p h i e

Born in Friedrichshafen, Germany
First contact with the field of photography
1988 onwards:
Remittance work in the fields of fashion, portrait and advertisement. Publishing in professional magazines as well as several commendations. Organisation of workshops in the field of studio photography. AV-dissolve technique and photo technique. Experimental dissolve productions. Member of a jury in several regional and outer-regional photography competitions
Dissolve production >Saxon Switzerland< 1994:
Black-and-white project: photo documentation of Industrial History >Leuna Factory< 1995:
Black-and-white project:
Lake Constance >winter watersides< 1996 until 1999:
Black-and-white project:
photo documentation >ship wrecks< 1996:
Opening of a photo studio in the industrial area Fallenbrunnen. Black-and-white project:
Landscape >Bretagne< Publishing of my first web site with a constantly revised and enlarged presentation of photo projects and independent works
1997 until 2001:
Various expositions in the atrium of the culture casern in Friedrichshafen
Sojourn in Scotland. Black-and-white project: Photo collection of the landscape >Scotland between coasts and highlands< 1998:
Black-and-white as well as colour project
>image brochure of the saw mill in Altshausen< 1999:
Black-and-white project: >Steam locomotive cemetery< 2000:
Sojourn in Ireland. Black-and-white project: Photo collection of the landscape >Ireland< Principal topic: Abandoned manor-houses
One of the founders of the artists community
Platform 3/3
Experimental, digital video installations >Loop of Live< 2002:
Exposition >Scotland and Ireland, landscapes in black and white< in the Platform 3/3
Participation in the artists project >Magic Forest< Large sized black-and-white installation on the fine art topic >fairies and elves< , exposition >fairies, nymphs and mermaids< in the cultural centre Klausenbauernhof near Schiltach in the Black Forest
Photography exposition >Act of Angels< , group exposition with the organizers of the Platform 3/3
Educational journey to the United States/New York. Meeting with international art nude photographers. Participation in workshops on the topic of fine art nude photography. Published in >Outdoor Lighting: Nudes, ava Publishing< since 2004:
Free-lance photographer. Foundation of the company: Fotodesign Stefan Soell
Photography exposition >dalesgarden, fine art nude photography< Platform 3/3 in Friedrichshafen
since 2005:
Lecturer at the public adult education >vhs< 2005:
Portfolio in >Angels Delight, Edition Skylight< Portfolio in >Photography 5 2004< Self-publication >Dalesgarden< 2006:
Photography exposition >dalesgarden< as the leading exposition of the art weeks in Annweiler, Germany.
Portfolio in >Passion & Desire, Edition Skylight< Portfolio in >Fine Art Foto 2 / 2005< Self-publication >Ana, in the Ray of Light< Self-publication >Sabrina, the juvenile Times< Self publication >Kinga, in the mirror< 2007:
Free works in the field of lifestyle-, advertisement-, fashion- and fine nude art photography inland and overseas
Portfolio galery in >Professional Photography with the Canon-EOS-System< Reportage about the praxis know-how in
>Photographie 7-8 2006< Self-publication >The beautiful Shine< Self-publication >Book of the Fairies< Self-publication >Lines of Longitude, die Alpen, the Alps< Self-publication >Corinna Nymphe< 2008:
calendar >country girls< Self-publication >Susann apple pie< Self-publication >Susann 1786< 2009:
start of the >coffe table Booklet< sequel
calendar >conquerior of paradise< 2010:
Publication >Alpengluehn< Edition Skylight
calendar >Ikarus< Publication >Volcanic Girls< Edition Skylight
trophy National Calender Awards 2011
Corporate Stock Calendars
Publication >Modern Urban Girls< Edition Skylight
Publication >Waldlust< Edition Skylight
Self-publication >Carisha it’s me!< Self-publication >Carisha Ibiza Nudes< Self-publication >Zoi 101< 2013:
Self-publication >Zoi pring Fever<