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There is nothing more fascinating than the ordinary. Photographer Lloyd DeGrane has been documenting normal life–the tedious and ordinary activities that we all take part in day after day–sewing, watching tv, reading the paper, and making dinner and he makes these unremarkable actions become irresistible when documented and held up for inspection. Not unlike Bill Owens capture of suburbia where Tupperware and block parties take on a certain allure that comes from time and distance, I like to think Lloyd is creating domestic dioramas, tableaux that reveal what it’s really like to be alive in the twenty-first century.

Lloyd is a Chicago-based freelance photographer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, the Paris Match and other national and international publications. He specializes in location photography and portraiture, serving a variety of clients including: University of Chicago, University of Illinois system, University of Notre Dame, numerous other alumni publications, Alliance for the Great Lakes, the Nature Conservancy, the March of Dimes, Bank of America, FMC Corporation, and the Adventist Healthcare System.