Remy Amezcua

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Rémy started this body of work in December 1997. It came about from his need to catalog his experience while on a working trip to Los Angeles. In his hotel room, during some spare time, bored with TV, having nothing to read and no day light to shoot with, Rémy decided to use the materials he had at his disposal to express the state of mind he was in.

With the help of tape and glue, he created a collage out of many little fragments of litter that he had inadvertently collected on this trip, mundane fragments that nonetheless constituted evidence of his experience: boarding passes, a matchbook from a restaurant, Polaroids of himself at work, paper stubs from 120 mm film, Polaroid tabs, hotel stationery, baggage claim tickets, and other random remains from his pocket after a day’s work. These elements evidenced Rémy’s existence and his experience during that particular period of time. As a finishing touch Rémy decided to put the collage inside a Ziploc bag, creating not just a format, but also suggesting the idea of evidence that has been preserved and catalogued as “tamper free” by the use of a zip tie.

Rémy likes to think of these collages as extras in a movie: that is, the characters that go unnoticed, but without whose contribution the movie would nonetheless not be possible. The collages are also the expression of something that had a lot of importance, if only for a brief moment: for example, a boarding pass is very important to travel but once we have boarded the plane it is soon forgotten, or a napkin that is there to help us eat properly yet disappears as soon as the meal is finished. Once used, these important items become garbage. The transient nature of these objects is what appeals the most to Rémy, how they go from having immediate importance to becoming instant waste is what inspires him. In a world where waste is becoming an ever more pressing issue for all of us, Rémy believes that our relationship with such items of waste must somehow change.