Hid Saib

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Hid Saib is a Brazilian Photographer who has worked on some very interesting projects namely ‘Incolor’, ‘Desigual’, ‘Imperfeicao’ and ‘Neon’. Saib tries to express his imagination through photography. He doesn’t believe in following the same old path followed by many photographer to create cliched and banal shots and this clearly reflects in his photos which are unique and expressive. Hid’s photography journey started since an early age when he used to photograph his friends and classmates during his school years. His interest in photography increased with time and Saib started to take classes in Photography when he moved to college.

He uses face paint to color his subjects and creates some of the best light portraits using neon light. Faces covered in colors on projection of neon light appear electrifying on camera sensors. These images display a completely different domain of colors which look more like a constellation of stars on colorful faces of models.

His work has been a part of several exhibitions in Brazil, Argentina and other countries. Hid’s other project ‘Desigual’ was the winner of ‘Photo Essay INTERCOM’ in Caxias do Sul – RS in 2010. Here are a few photographs from his project ‘Neon’ where sparkling colors are whirling and twirling around the faces to give you a feel of triumph and jubilation.