Kurt Arrigo

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Kurt Arrigo was born in 1969 on the island of Malta. Growing up surrounded by the sea, Kurt developed a strong passion for water-related sports, in particular sailing and scuba diving. So when Kurt picked up a camera it was a natural progression for him to photograph his passions.

Kurt has been a full–time freelance photographer since 1995.

His passion for sailing photography took off after shooting the 1992 America’s Cup in San Diego. Since then he has documented several international yachting events including The Nioularge, Antigua Race week, Malta Rolex Middle Sea Race, many of which he has also crewed.

He has also excelled in underwater photography. Pushing the art to new boundaries, he came third in the prestigious 1995 Underwater World Championships of Photography held in the Red Sea. He has traveled around the globe shooting underwater wild life including schools of hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos Islands, documenting underwater activity on the Great Barrier Reef. He won another prestigious honour and was included in the 1997 Communication Arts Photography Annual. He has also started to photograph yachting events from underwater, producing original images.

Kurt is continuously merging his photography talents of water sports and underwater photography. He is currently publishing a book called Malta: A Coastal Journey portraying Malta’s coastal and historical life above and below sea level.

Since 2000 Kurt has also been involved with the film industry in Malta as a stills photographer for most of the international productions on the island. His portfolio includes the likes of Rupert Everett and Sharon Stone amongst other actors.

Kurt’s commitment to his work is portrayed in his positive attitude and easy going personality. He strives to meet new boundaries and push his artistic limits, constantly searching for a fresh outlook on his subjects.