Isac Goulart

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Isac Goulart is a Brazilian photographer, whose pictures are incredibly colorful and full of life. It’s a great talent to be able to turn those ordinary daily moments into fantastic pictures. He has been a photographer for almost ten years, since he bought his first camera in 2002. Isac prefers to work with color photography. His main genre is a mixture of landscape and waterscape together with people’s portraits. The artist’s greatest passion is to capture the incredible beauty of nature and human interaction with it. Usually, he likes to photograph silhouettes and spontaneous portraits in a sunset.

Isac is a photographer by vocation, but photography is just a hobby. He works as an English teacher for university age students. He thinks that the biggest difficulty in photography is the pursuit of inspiration and the process of catching the perfect moment. The implementation, or execution, in photography is a skill that can be acquired only with time, but without creativity or precise timing, it is usually weak and ineffective.