Tamas Dezso

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In 2011, Budapest-based photojournalist Tamas Dezso (b. 1978), began documenting the centuries-old traditions that seem to be slowly disintegrating in Romania. The series, entitled Notes for an Epilogue, takes viewers on a powerful journey through the small villages and homes, stunning landscapes, and crumbling buildings of communities that are struggling to stay alive in a post-communist world.

The series captures a rural region consumed with unemployment and diminishing resources. “Symbolic buildings and former factories are disappearing and villages are becoming deserted at an incredible speed, which urges their documentation,” Dezso says. “My aim with this series is to render a world which may disappear forever imperceptibly and very rapidly due to the transitional nature of the era.”

Since he began the project, Dezso has visited Romania more then 30 times in order to develop relationships with the land and the people, and to understand the local values. His fascination with the continuously changing place keeps him dedicated to the ongoing project, and he is working with writer Eszter Szablyar to develop a book that is scheduled to be published later this year.

Tamas Dezso (b. 1978, lives in Budapest) is a fine art documentary photographer working on long-term projects focusing on the margins of society in Hungary, Romania and in other parts of Eastern Europe. His photographs have been published in TIME, The New York Times, National Geographic, GEO, Le Monde Magazine, The Sunday Times, PDN, Ojo de Pez, HotShoe Magazine, The British Journal of Photography and many others.