Photos of New York City in 1969

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Thirty photographs depicting the life of the United States in the days of the change of generations. It is not flower children, yet no disco.

Interesting was the time. It seems to have the very end of the 60s, but the city does not look like the New York of the next decade. An entirely different fashion, and most other people. And the city somehow looks tidier and more fun.

1969 was the year of Woodstock, anti-war demonstrations, riots in the gay Village, the first year of the Nixon presidency, released their first album, Led Zeppelin, Lennon and Yoko Ono were married, the Beatles recorded their last album and gave his last concert, published a book of Mario Puzo’s “Godfather father, “Apollo 11 took to the moon, and the Boeing 747 made its first commercial passenger flight.

And in New York, as always, there were people going about their usual business, walking, hurrying somewhere. The life of the Big Apple ’69 preserved for us magazine Life, carefully retaining life in America. Interestingly, all the characters in these atmospheric images can be easily transferred to this day – they will look fashionable and relevant. Fashion is cyclical, and people – are always the same.

Source :PVPhoto Vide