Paul Lange

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Acclaimed New York City photographer Paul Lange, whose work has been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle, British Vogue and The New York Times, has segued from editorial and celebrity images to fine art photography.

Focussing on large-scale photography projects about Place, he has been working in one particular location since moving his home and studio to New York’s Hudson Valley: the bucolic farm and garden estate owned by close friend and renowned NYC florist, Zeze. Eight years and thousands of photographs later, Paul continues to work on the project full time, twelve months a year, and it has grown to include all of the flora and fauna living on the farm. Titled, “Fifty Acres,” it encompasses four photographic series: Big Blooms, Fowl Portraits, Paradisus and Disturbed Paradise.

Other photographic projects involve outreach in various forms: one is a pro-bono portrait series for the New York chapter of the Heart Gallery, a volunteer organization that creates new connections for foster children in need of adoptive homes. Another project about place, that began in 2010, is documenting the physical, historical and geographical landmarks on one ranch in central Wyoming and the attempts of one man to promote ecologically based wind farming there.

Paul’s photographs are collected worldwide and are included in Aerin Lauder’s art collection. His Big Blooms were the subject of a solo exhibition in Atlanta last summer and will be on exhibit this coming April at the Chicago Botanical Garden. The Fowl Portraits will be exhibited in a solo show at the Hancock Shaker Museum in Pittsfield, MA this summer.

A native New Yorker, Paul lives in Chatham, New York with his wife Jennifer, who is also his business and creative partner.