Alejandro Ferrer

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Rainy days can be a drag, but imagine what it’s like for a ladybug! Looking through Spain-based photographer Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz’s portfolio, it actually seems really beautiful with a hint of magic to it. The photographer’s macro shots of the cute little critters with beads of water sitting on their backs is all at once fascinating and enchanting. With each glistening droplet affixed to the insect’s body like it will never fall off, the ladybugs seem to carry on with their day, climbing twigs and resting on flower petals.

The photographer also gives a whimsical sense of personality to his tiny subjects who, at times, seem to be taking a glimpse of their own reflection in a pond, as though they’re aware a camera is photographing them. It’s those special little moments that Ruiz manages to capture that really stand out in his body of work. The photographer who prefers macro photography says, “I enjoy the beauty that exists in most minute things.”