Philip Levine with a bedazzled head

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London entrepreneur Philip Levine, who’s been using his head as an art piece since he started going bald four years ago, has just bedazzled his barren scalp with 1,000 individually applied Swarovski crystals – his best work to date, he says. “I wanted to shave my head,” he remembers of that sad day when his hair-to-scalp ratio became alarming, “but I didn’t want to just leave it and be that standard guy who walks down the street, so I thought, ‘Why not use it as a canvas for my creativity? Then people can look while I walk.’” Since then, working with a friend, he’s been a walking head trip of decoupage and disco balls, buttons and butterflies.

Gillette captured this trend, and it has sponsored. Sites Trend Hunter and NotCot introduced a new term, and it became known as Baldazzling.

Words by Philip: “My art is the idea that you can always turn something negative into something positive.”