Robert Moran

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Robert Moran is a freelance photographer living in a small town on the coast of Maine. His interest in photography began at the age of twelve when his parents bought him a Super 8 Movie Camera for Christmas. A few years later, he bought his first 35 mm camera. After studying art at the University of Maine, Robert started and ran several businesses over the course of twenty years. During that period he found the time to pursue personal photography projects on his trips to Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific. Robert’s most recent undertakings have taken him to Argentina, Antarctica, and the Faroe Islands.

As the digital age continues to dominate our world, from smart phones to 3D TVs to everything in between, the days of typewriters and rotary dial phones are moving further and further into the past. In honor of a more simple time, artist Robert Moran created this series entitled Relics. For each image, he isolated old fashioned objects and documented them as a type of visual record.

The Maine-based photographer created the project to preserve the memory of inventions that have provided a foundation for today’s high-speed technology. The centrally placed antiques are illuminated with strong lighting, which produces dramatic shadows that fall onto the wall behind. In each photograph, Moran provides his viewers with a peaceful moment to ponder the original function of each vintage machine, to investigate the scratches, cracks, and wear and tear, and to consider how the items have affected our everyday world.

Each object holds so many memories and so much history, and Moran says, “The relics helped people through dark nights and hot summers; offered medicinal and musical relief. In that way, they and all the objects we have used, loved, and discarded shape the character and spirit of our society.”