Mike Byrne

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Mike Byrne is a Scottish photographer now living and working in San Francisco. His recent portfolio consists of studio/location constructed images. All shot in-camera.

“Mike Byrne’s student portfolio was built whilst on voluntary photojournalism assignments in South India and East Africa. Since graduating in 2011, Mike has been developing his professional portfolio using constructed sets in studio and on location. He is also assisting full-time in the advertising photography industry. Originally from Scotland, Mike now lives and works in San Francisco.

“Indian industry”

Whilst living and working in Bangalore in 2008 I spent a lot of time visiting the slum areas of the city. Within those slums I found people living and working in some extremely dangerous and polluted environments. With the help from my colleagues at SPAD, I photographed some of those places and the people that work within them. This series features a cement yard, a tyre factory, a recycling yard, a wood laminates factory and a charitable kitchen that feeds Bangalore’s poor school children. Many thanks to all that were involved.