Maze of Mirrors Mesmerizes Visitors Inside Sydney’s Hyde Park

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If you love public art, here’s further proof that Sydney is the place to be right now. While you’ll have to travel to several different spots to see those giant fluorescent snails, you only have to walk through one park to be immersed in something quite surreal. New Zealand architects Out of the Dark have transformed Hyde Park South into a huge maze of mirrored sculptures that is guaranteed to make visitors’ heads spin. Watch where you’re walking or you might just run right into yourself!

A large area of the park is covered with 81 posts that are mirrored on each side. That means visitors are surrounded by 423 mirror faces! Called Field, the multifaceted installation asks one to really take in the natural surroundings – the trees, grass and sky – while also questioning what is real and what is just a reflection.

“Field is not only a celebration of the park itself; it is meditation on the nature of perspective. As you walk through, you will find yourself questioning what is real and which is image, with Field asking us to reflect on ourselves, those around us, our past, and what is just around the corner.”
Below are some photos of Instagrammers having a bit of fun around Field.
Maze of Mirrors Mesmerizes Visitors Inside Sydney’s Hyde Park.