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When he is not studying medical neuroscience, DeviantArt user Inviv0 travels throughout the world to capture gorgeously vivid photographs. He creates rich, saturated scenes where streets, buildings, rivers, boats, and sunsets are transformed into unusually colorful, surreal compositions.

With a bit of post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom, Inviv0 transforms everyday scenes into new realities filled with intriguing lines, textures, and patterns. The Berlin-based photographer has documented lively cityscapes and landscapes in a number of places, including Morocco, Italy, Germany, Holland, Thailand, and Amsterdam.

The creative photographic exploration creates new ways of seeing the world. His expressive compositions create the sensation that viewers are actually witnessing a beautiful sunset or peacefully floating along a river on a sunny afternoon. All of Inviv0′s aesthetically pleasing global scenes will inspire the rest of us to pack our bags and set out on our own journey of exploration.