Rolf Maeder

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I moved to Sedona from Switzerland fourteen years ago. As a former professional French horn player and choir director, the enchantment of an untamed landscape was a natural fit to my sensibilities. I started taking pictures, and photography soon became more than a hobby it became a passion.
Sedona, Arizona with it’s incredible Red Rocks is a world-class destination, and the opportunity to meet delightfully unguarded people from all walks of life is quite unique—who can remain unmoved in this majestic scenery. Besides encountering the beauty and richness of nature, photography trips are a doorway for me into the surprising world of people and experiences.
Every moment in a photography session is an opportunity—each step up the side of a mountain, setting up the equipment, and falling in tune with nature in the early hours before dawn—heightening my sensitivity.
The final part of the journey is the task of processing the images at my computer. Working with RAW files allows me to recover dynamic range and offers me the joy of discovering what lies hidden within a shot. My challenge is to induce all the hidden feelings, not only visual but also sensual and emotional, into the final visual experience—then the photograph comes alive.

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