Ruben Natal-San Miguel

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Ruben Natal-San Miguel – American, (Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico) is an architect, photographer, curator, writer, art collector and consultant who specialize primarily in the art of fine emerging photography. In addition, Ruben is involved with non-profit art organizations such as ACRIA, Printed Matter, Aperture Foundation, AIDS Chicago, Humble Arts Foundation, Photolucida, Visual AIDS, ASMP, En Foco and The Center for Photography at Woodstock NY.

Ruben Natal-San Miguel moved to New York in 1993, but after the September 11 attacks his life changed dramatically: he decided to move to Harlem, where, in his opinion, it was safer. It was then that he began his career as a photographer. Ruben loves to photograph everyday life in all five boroughs of New York City, especially in Harlem and Brooklyn.