Steven Irwin

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Film maker and photographer, based in Cardiff, South Wales. Graduate of Cardiff Art College and the London Film School.

My work explores the tension and coexistence of nature and the man made.

Photographic images are juxtaposed to stage surreal, cinematic scenes rich in possibilities of interpretation: dream-like, elegiac, contemplative.

My work often references the early 17th century Vanitas compositions that consist of decaying objects, symbolic of the inevitability of death and the transience and vanity of earthly achievements and pleasures. As well as customary Vanitas motifs, I depict objects that have rusted – a contemporary representation of decay – to symbolise mortality.

The title of my latest series of photomontages is ‘Vanitas Vanitatum’ (Vanity of Vanities). Although these images reference the symbolism of traditional Vanitas works, the concern is the formal qualities of the composition: texture, juxtaposition and the beauty of the objects.