Pablo Maire

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Pablo Maire was born in Chile in 1975.Poet and visual artist.
It has two books, one published in Valparaiso entitled “Write these verses Back”. A second published by Editorial Fuga of Chile in November 2011 and entitled “Navels”. He has been invited to several meetings, most notably the International Poetry Festival of Bogota (2008), Tijuana Caracol Festival of Poetry (2009), International Poetry Festival a couple of laps for Reality in Lima (2010). Besides participating in various poetry readings in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru.

In the visual field has been developing work around the sculpture, painting, photography and video, being exposed collectively in Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic. It was published by print and electronic media in different countries, such as Paraguay, Chile, Spain, England, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, USA, among others, in order to promote their works.