Miguel Millo

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Miguel Millo has constructed images in which he creates sculpture, volumen and color. They are rich and made with total freedom, that allows an expression full fledge of restleness, the same ones that reveal his own gods and monsters.
“Origines”, makes me reunite with the ecenses of mankind, with the intimate moment in which human nature converge in a deep dialog with the entrails of earth.
It is in this creative freedom in which I am trapped as an spectator, I perceive the man of all times rediscovering himself in his sorroundings as a complex being, filled with questions, capable of building an entire world of answers –made to his own necessities- magic emerges, eternity of our species reveals, life flows reinvented with clay and seeds, paint and color.
Mysticism, deepness, disclosed in the look of the female bodies that observe and witness our own existence.
To gaze at Millo’s work is in another way a joy to the eye, we can see an impecable job full of atractiveness, balance of light, perfect bodies and complex compositions with a strick aesthetics –besides color- that reises from the darkness of the backround reminds us that we are destined as a species to our eternal reinvention.

Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.