Guy Marino

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Guy Marino creates art that centers around contradictions. Fusing original photography with cutting edge digital enhancement techniques, Marino relies on duality to form a distinct platform for his art. His large-scale archival digital prints mounted on plexiglass or printed on aluminum substrate feature a wide array of human subjects that come to resemble enchanted islands. In some works, compositionally split at the midline, a diaphanous growth of orbs, scratches, crumbles and crystal formations overlay half of each subject. In other, more recent artworks, elements of three faces – often of diverse ethnicities – are combined into one. Fresh and organic meets digital and sci-fi, nature meets culture, art meets life. Inspired by the historical art and architecture of his European homeland – medieval streets, Renaissance frescos, vaulted ceilings and ancient ruins – Marino’s work is at once hyper-contemporary and reminiscent of times past.

Born in 1945 in Italy, Guy Marino attended the Scuola Superiore D’Arte Applicata All’Industria in Milan. In the early seventies he moved to New York City to pursue a career as a graphic designer and fine artist.