Iasonas Kampanis

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Iasonas Kampanis born in 1985 and grew up in Athens, Greece.

Studied the art of jewelry design at the Mokume Institute in Thessaloniki. In 2007 he began experimenting with painting and other visual media while working as a jewelry designer and printmaking assistant. Since 2010, he has also worked as a graphic artist, illustrator and photographer.

His work has been presented in five solo exhibitions and several participations in group exhibitions, mainly in Greece and UK.

An embodiment of multicultural influences is often shown in his practice, from the ancient and classical to the modern period, from the organic and decorative patterns of folk art to the irrationality of Dada movement and the mechanical forms of Bauhaus. This diversity led him to the aesthetic study of visual communication and children’s creativity as reflecting means of cognition.

He is now living and working in London.