Andrew Polushkin

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Slovakia, ChernihivPHOTOFest 2010, Ukraine and PHOTOVISA 2011, Krasnodar, Russia.
Andrew Polushkin was a participant of over 30 group exhibitions, including PHOTOGRAPHY BEHIND THE PHOTOGRAPHY, The Museum of Photography, Shaulay, Litva (2003), PETERSBURG STORIES. The second half of 20 – beginning of 21 century. La Halle des Chartrons. Bordeaux, France (2010), CROSSROADS: CONTEMPORARY RUSSIAN PHOTOGRAPHY. Australian Centre for Photography (2011) and publications in EYEMAZING magazine (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Magazine Korean Monthly Photography, Magazine Il Fotografo, Italy.
His work is part of the collections of The State Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO, St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Museum of the History of Photography (MHP), St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Museum of the History of Saint Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, Russia, Moscow House of Photography, Moscow, Russia.

Lives and work in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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