Larry George Bell

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Larry Bell is a self-taught Photographic Artist whose main interest is Fine Art. A history exploring many aspects of photography has allowed Larry to build a diverse and creative portfolio. This pathway has also seen his skills extend into the technical side of photo re-touching and manipulation, which allows his style to be constantly evolving.
Lives in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Artist’s Statement:
My favored method of working is with female models to create images that provoke thought about the complexities of the human psyche. A primary influence in my life was the sudden death of my mother when I was 14, which is often subconsciously reflected in my work. By nature, I would class myself as an instinctive photographer whose final works reflect a Painterly style. In summary, the motivation for my work is to find beauty in the ordinary and subvert it to my own personal vision. My hope is to leave a body of work I can be proud of.