Pedro Abreu

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Pedro Abreus photography originates from everyday life. Pedro lives and work in New York, NY, United States.
He draws inspiration from his immediate surroundings and shoots just at the right moment to capture the mystical momentum rather than the narrative. His motives are of unknown protagonists at non-places. In the moment of taking a picture the situations seem to arise spontaneously, which in combination with his working methods makes Pedro Abreu’s photography authentic. His documentary character is undeniable. He has a clear distinction from photojournalism, because Pedro’s photographs incorporate artistic composition with a shifted and often non-linear focus. Where the street has a clear narrative, his personal view is more abstract and even opaque at times. Context is deliberately absent or left vague, allowing the viewer to create their own reality. Following Pedro Abreu photography is always fascinating; his work is spontaneous, mysterious, intimate, witty, and sad at the same time.