Elena &Vitaliy Vasilievy

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Photographers from Ukraine, Elena and Vitaly Vasilevy, we work in the co-authorship. Elena, has finished design and a decor college in the city of Kharkov. Vitaly, has finished the Kharkov university. For a photo has come in 2002. At us two children. Now we live in Kiev, Munich In 2004, in Germany there was a book Behind my eyes Publications.B&W (USA),Spiegel (Germany),Stern (Germany), MAX (Germany) ,Vogue (Germany), New York Arts Magazine ( USA ),THE NEW NUDE MAGAZINE( USA ), PHOTO (France),Vogue (Italy) ,Senze (Sweden), NUDE (USA) ,FINE ART PHOTO (Germany), PHOTO ART (Czech Republic), NUDE (USA),DFOTO ( Ukraine ),VIEW Magazine (Germany), VIEW Magazine (Germany),VIEW Magazine (Germany),FOTOHITS Magazine (Germany),PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR PRIZE 2009 THE BOOKS ( UK. London ),The Best Photographers Word 2009 ( Photo Art ),Silvershotz magazine THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY( Australia ), FOCUS Magazine ( USA ), NUDE Magazine (USA),B&W Magazine ( USA )February 2010 – BLUR Magazine (Croatia )