Carla Broekhuizen

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Carla Broekhuizen photographer from Noordwijk, Nederland, Netherlands.

Carla BroekhuizenThe introduction of digital techniques in my creative life around 2003 unleashed the full potential of my passion for creating images. Therefor I rather refer to myself as an imagecreator instead of photographer. Every day the intensity of that passion is increasing.My power lies within conceptual photography, which is closest to my heart. I can think about the creation of a new image for several weeks or even months. In the end everything is coming together, the new image is born and everything is starting all over again. I prefer surreal, even rotten, images with a pinch of humor. Theres enough in my mind for one lifetime, maybe even my next lifeAside from my own projects, some additional concepts/images are conceived together with my close friend and colleague Rutger Burger. Together we started the photo agency Bin65 in which we contemplate new projects with the common denominator De Kwetschbaare Mensch which can be translated roughly to The Vulnerable Human.Two years ago I started the creative photo community Image Creative ( where artist/photographers can publish their creative offspring.Life itself is my inspiration.