Jaime Martinez

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Photographer Jaime Martínez describes his photography as, “Images that make me feel nostalgic for things that have not happened yet but that I’m already missing.” This selection of photographs is no exception. Born in Monterrey Mexico and now working in Mexico City, Martínez doesn’t really plan out his ideas but prefers to work in the moment and to be spontaneous. In these photos, each montage of a female form is surrounded by starry, foggy light which makes the viewer feel as if they are arriving in the photograph through a dream. The hauntingly beautiful silhouettes and forms flow gracefully across each frame, creating both a visual and emotional experience. The layers of dimension only adds to the mysterious and romantic qualities of these images.

At a young age, Martínez received his first camera from his father. When looking back on that time, Martínez said, “We used to have a couple of encyclopedias as kids, with basic themes. Every volume had three themes, one was about ‘Photography, Astronomy and Magic.’ ”