Nina Lindfors

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Nina Lindfors born in Helsinki 1954, I am fluent in Swedish, Finnish and English. I went to school at Lnkan and studied graphic design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. After graduating in 1980 I got my first job as an AD at Womena. Since then I have worked with several advertising companies including Konsepti, SEK&Grey, Contra. From 2006 I have worked on a freelance basis. During my varied career I have good experience in all kinds of advertising. From TV commercials to packaging design, including the design and production of digital media, in both b-to-b and consumer advertising. I am familiar with all areas of design but if I had to choose one key strength, it would be in designing concepts. There no point in making any advertising without a good idea. I am very passionate about whatever I choose to do. I love my job, my family, to work out, nature, photography, traveling, friends, reading books, watching movies and of course life. Very conscious of the world?s ecological state, I strive to learn more about it and make changes to help wherever possible. I believe it is a growing issue that will affect all kinds of business, a major factor that we should take in to account at all levels. What I can offer you: Professional work with a great sense of style, flexible working hours, an optimistic and a positive attitude. Having fun while working is also allowed.