Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

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Originally from Poland, based in London UK,
Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has background in Fine Arts, degree in Architecture, and wide array of experience.
Being an Architect taught him how to be resourceful and to solve complex problems with simple, yet innovative solutions. Constant passion for graphic & design pushed him towards the visual side…
His professional photographic carrier started when he founded the AurumLight Studio, which specialises in conceptual photography, limited calendars and advertising.
Since then working with the same group of professionals the AurumLight Team has produced a number of commercial and personal projects.
The Team provides a service that covers Photography & Videography, Graphics Postproduction,
3D Visualisation, Casting, Styling and more…
Their work has been published and used for advertising campaigns in Europe and USA.
Great effects and unconventional methodology triggered a successful series of seminars and workshops that Jaroslav runs all around the globe starting in Europe and finishing in Australia.

These Milky Illustrations were made for our upcoming limited edition – MILK Calendar 2014.
The Calendar contains recent Milky Pin-up Series and the last piece we will photograph in October.
It should be available for pre-ordering shortly after and shipping starts in November!
I have mentioned in the previous blog post that we are referring to the masters of the Pin-up genre and those into that theme already have spotted pieces by Gil Elvgren.