Patrick Gries

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Patrick Gries was born in Luxembourg in 1959. After completing his studies at Ecole Normale in 1984, he left Belgium and moved to New York where he discovered American photography. Initially working as an assistant, then as a free-lance photographer, he collaborated with various art and design magazines. His first photo-documentary on post-communist Romania was published in Interview in 1990.

He moved to Paris in 1992, and has since established a strong reputation for himself as a photographer in the fields of luxury goods, design, and contemporary art. He is renowned for his skill in photographing difficult pieces such as installations and illuminated projections, or extraordinary miniscule and delicate objects.

His technical ability to capture complex environments and convey a subject’s context has made his work muck sought-after by cultural institutions. Patrick Gries has become a reference for art publications, in particular his work with the Fondation Cartier, The Musee du Quai Branly, private art collectors, and contemporary artists.

His personal work began with an exhibition on the theme of abandon, presented in Brussels in 1999. More recently, his atypical aooproach to the collection of vertebrates at the Museum d’Hisorie Naturelle in Paris presents these skeletons as sculptures and reconsiders the boundary between artistic and scientific objects. His latest project focuses on the theme of accumulation. This photographic series transforms voluntary and involuntary formations in rural and industrial landscapes into installations, monuments, and works of art in their own right.