Mads Perch

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Mads Perch is a Danish-born London-based photographer. Following graduation with a BA (Hons) from London College of Fashion ( 2005) , Mads shortly after began to shoot portraits for i-D magazine.

Today He works with a wide range of commercial, style, fashion, editorial and music clients. Mads photography encompasses clean, crisp, fresh and beautifully understated portraiture to more vivid imagery imbued with ‘vibrancy, attitude and a healthy dose of colour’.

Mads is continually pursuing personal and editorial assignments that push his creative and technical limits which then feeds back into his commissioned projects. Mads is used to work quickly on location as well producing higher more constructed images for the advertising and music industry.

He also works with various band producing press images and record sleeves and was in 2010 awarded album cover of the year for Klaxons ‘Surfing the Void’. Again in 2012 his work on the Clock Opera campaign ‘ Ways to Forget’ was shortlisted to win album cover of the year by Art Vinyl.

The series made for London nightclub Fabric, Mads Perch shows the full extent of his talent. Black and white photographs of the most beautiful effect followed by some images from other series to be discovered in the article.