Alexander Koenders

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My name is Alexander Koenders and I was born at the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands on 03-06-1963.

Since childhood I loved to play outdoors and had a great interest in all living creatures. Especially in birds and reptiles. This was somehow logic because, while a growing up I lived a great part of my youth in Spain wich is a country full of natural wonders and beautiful people. Spain is also a country where the great film director Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente made his movies about nature and where Jacques-Yves Cousteau did research in the Mediterranean sea. Great men and my heroes at the time. They showed me the importance of a healthy environment and the impact of humans on nature and the importance of educating people what nature is all about.

As a Wildlife photographer I like to use the equipment of Olympus. The Olympus line is small and handy with high quality lenses. Due to my work I became an Olympus ambassador. It is with pride I show you the results of my equipment by showing you my work on this site.