Javier Pardina

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“My name is Javier Pardina. I was born in Lleida in 1984. I currently work as a creative photographer. I worked as a creative and graphic designer for some chill out music artists, like Christophe Goze, Thomas Lemmer, Chris Zippel, Clelia Felix and Andrew Bates. I worked as Fine-Art Photographer with more companies like Mozilla Firefox Os, Buylevard, Blackpier. Doing large amounts of freelance work.It was in this journey, while taking pictures for all my clients, that I’ve realized what I really wanted to do with my life. 10 years of research, study and development in creative techniques, have made me become into a photographer with enough experience to be successful in almost any field. In particularly Landscape, Nature and Portrait Photography, creativity and challenges.

During my whole life I have been surrounded by images, trademarks, designs, concepts, ideas. That is why I think a photographer has to be curious, creative, resourceful and must be able to understand a brand, a style and a concept. Their vision and work must be part of the process and not just the outcome of it. A process where the client – agency – photographer relationship becomes one single entity, to accomplish successful projects where a unique identity can be seen. My studio is located in Lleida, Catalonia. I have the equipment to produce high quality images with resolutions up to 36 megapixels. I use the Mac platform with calibrated displays for development and an impeccable digital retouch.”